5 misconceptions about boho chic (the don’ts):

Let’s get right into it shall we… The reason you clicked on this post is because the title was attractive so here we go:

the most important thing to remember here is that BOHO put next to CHIC does not mean that: 


Because sincerely, EW! There are several reasons for me saying that. First, because that’s a Hippie look, not Boho and second because you can’t wear that in the streets and not institutionalized. Just kidding. 

Boho Chic looks more something this instead:


The Boho Chic Don’ts:

 So breaking it down, what it does NOT mean is:

  1. Drapey oversized clothing that make you look like you don’t know your clothes’ size and unstylih. Remember, you’re going for dreamy and free spirit and THAT… is a carefully created look my friends.
  2. if you are going for Boho Chic that means you have to blend both styles: Boho and Chic. So, don’t just wear flowing skirts and dresses, long cardigans, feather earrings, fringes, etc. These are essentials to fit the style but don’t overdo it please. You can wear an awesome pair of skinny jeans, a flowing cotton Boho shirt and a headband and you’ll be fabulous.
  3. Don’t wear uggs. please, oooooh pretty please. I have rarely seen something less flattering than those F’ing boots. Especially, don’t wear the Uggs and mini-skirt look. That is a MAJOR no-no. There is no world where it’s ok and it’s definitely not boho or boho chic. It’s just wrong.
  4. Over-accessorize. YES, the Boho and Boho Chic looks stack, multiply and layer BUT there are limits people. :)
  5. Don’t just wear earthy tones. Go crazy with the Boho Chic look. You can layer pattern, colors, shapes and textures. Use suede, denim, linen and cotton, geometric shapes and flowers. Do it all, that’s what you are supposed to do. 



What is Boho Chic anyhow?


The first Bohemians…

Is it a fashion style? Is it a lifestyle?

I’d say it’s a little bit of everything. 

Let’s backtrack first: It’s important to understand when we talk Boho that the first Bohemians came from Northern India with everything that it implies. They are an ancestral traveling people that eventually found their way to Eastern Europe —  where they became Gypsies. In Europe, they were feared, looked down upon, scorned and everything in between. They were outcasts. They were not an affluent people. They went from town to town and worked as menders, musicians, artists, fortune tellers, jugglers, etc. They were proud and very mysterious.

On the other hand, they were free, untethered from society and its rules, its laws and its mores. They lived by their own ways, had a culture of their own they abided by. They have perdured through the centuries and the generally speaking, the spirit of the bohemian has endured. 


Each culture develops its own fashion style and the Gypsy people certainly developed their own. The Bohemian style was first popularized in during the 18th century. Basically, the first “punk rockers” adopted the style as a way to rebel against the man, to show their rejection of popular fashion and norms.

Eventually, it developed into the lifestyle of people who wanted to live freely and did not want to follow the cultural rules of the time. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Bohemian style of dress was associated with Parisian artists, radicals, eccentrics and degenerates. 

It was only a matter of time until the hippies of the 1960s would adopt and transform the lifestyle and the fashion forever. Then being Boho was interchangeable with being a Hippie… it just meant you rejected society as it was and you declared yourself free.  

So, What’s in a Boho-Gypsy-Hippie outfit?

You can really trace the genealogy of this look from the fashion of Northern India. It includes long, flowing skirts, soft sheer-like shirts with belled sleeves and a focus on natural fibers. Colors can be bright with lots of patterns. The focus is in a softer, more natural look, with embellishments that include embroidery and beading and some serious layering. Boho is all about looking individual and natural. It certainly is about making a statement. We advise earthy tones with splashes of of bold colors

… and lots of jewelry and other accessories. Stack those bracelets, wear those rings (wear several and usually silver), sheer scarves and those long necklaces and big loopy earrings. Mix it up and add some American Indian or North African undertones with Turquoise stone accessories, long fringe purses boots or shirts, head bands, shawls over your head, a nose ring maybe.

It is no wonder that the best embodiment of Boho fashion is still based on Indian fashion. 


Where does the Chic come in?

Once you mix the boho look with modern life and high fashion, you get the fusion look of boho chic — the sophisticated sibling of the flower child look. It might look a little bit like this… 


You got it all here: the earth tones, the bold colors, the flowy dress (albeit short for the chic element), the natural organic materials, the stacked accessories.